Why Chose Us?

First and Foremost, we at AAA Soggy Bottom Logging have the ability to pay In-Full and Up-Front for all of our timber purchases. All of our harvesting sites are supervised and performed by top notch logging crews.

There are a few steps involved when someone sells their timber, planningpricing and harvesting. We can also help and guide those wanting to establish a long term plan for future harvesting.

What To Expect?

Planning involves meeting with you on your property to discuss different options for your timber. These options may vary depending on the age, species, quality, and size of your timber.

Depending on the size of your property, that will determine if we are able to harvest your timber. Anything that is under 3 acres is not a logging job for us. The cost in moving our equipment is not cost efficient. We do not offer a tree cutting service, our equipment is to big for most yards!

What We Offer?

Soggy bottom logging is equipped with 10 + logging crews and more than 100 logging trucks. We are able to handle small timber harvest to large scale timber harvest with ease.

Soggy Bottom Logging Will Get Money In Your Pocket Fast!

We do-not remove trees from yards or small acreage tracks,however we will occasionally consider small 3 + acres  if its close by our office or near one of our jobs!  How ever We do appreciate your interest.

Since 1993

Soggy Bottom Logging prides itself in our ability to provide the following services:

  • Offer advancements & Up-Front pay
  • Perform Clear-Cut & Selective Thinnings
  • Buy Pine & Hardwood Timber
  • Meet & Surpass All Regulations
  • Carry All Required Insurance
  • Assist with harvest Planning

Whether you have 5 Acres or 1,000 Acres, we hope you choose Soggy Bottom Logging when it is time to harvest your timber.


Give us a call or email today to see if we can help you with your timber harvest!