How much acreage do you harvest?

Depending on the size of your property, that will determine if we are able to harvest your timber. Anything that is under 3 acres is not a logging job for us. The cost in moving our equipment is not cost efficient. We do not offer a tree cutting service, our equipment is to big for most yards!

How long does harvesting take?

Harvesting a tract of timber can depend on the access to the timber and the ground conditions for the equipment. Rainy, wet weather can cause some delays in how long it takes to harvest a timber stand.

Do you offer tree cutting services?

Unfortunately, no. The cost of cutting one or two trees with our equipment is not cost efficient. Our equipment is not set up for small yards or neighborhoods.

How long before I get paid?

It depends on the contract we agree too,If we finalize A up front cash sale you will get A check or advancement immediately after title research and contract has been signed!

If you do A Advancement Per ton contract you will be paid your advance and A check the week after logging starts and so on till finished.