Log Trailer

The log trailer is similar in size and design to the regular Flatbed trailer, but sports two variations of log loads, as well as a front guard. The trailer can sometimes be seen without logs.

Picking Up and Slabbing Ash Logs – Log Hauling Trailer Pt 3 The more I got into making my own lumber, the more I really needed a trailer.  For years, I had want my own trailer outfitted with a loading mechanism.  After building the mechanism, including the new arch mounts, I took the trailer out to pick up some large ash logs that were listed on craigslist for firewood.  I hauled them to my backyard, cut them into slabs, and stacked them with all my other slabs to dry. 03 May, 2016 / 5 Comments

Similar to our standard log trailer, the Kaufman Trailers Plantation Log Trailer comes standard with a heavy duty, underslung, 4-spring Hutchens H-9700 suspension. Watson single point or Ridewell air ride suspensions are available for a nominal upcharge. The main frame is constructed with two 21” deep, high tensile, fully fabricated main beams and full depth cross-members at each bolster, as well as a fully fabricated, high tensile gooseneck. The most popular feature of this trailer is the 24” drop behind the gooseneck. There is not a trailer in the industry that will provide this much space for loading plantation thinnings behind the gooseneck. You will also be happy with the “dummy” bolster on the top of the gooseneck for hauling your double bunk or short log loads. Our plantation log trailer is the most versatile forestry trailer in our log trailer lineup.

Log Lifting Arch – Log Hauling Trailer Pt 2 The more I got into making my own lumber, the more I really needed a trailer.  For years, I had want my own trailer outfitted with a loading mechanism.  This mechanism is an extremely low cost option for loading and handling small and very large logs. 25 April, 2016 / 0 Comments

2001 Neville 22′ Rail Bunk Pup Trailer. This trailer has air ride, good brakes, fifth wheel dolly in good working order. Like new 22.5 tires, 20,000 LBS. axles, aluminum rims outer – steel inner, built in ratchets, landing gear in good condition. Solid frame with no cracks or welding evident. Bunks are straight. Set up to haul 20’+ logs but could add additional bunk for shorter lengths. Extremely good condition for age of trailer. Contact Aaron @ Red Pine Equipment 218-720-0933. Trailer is located in Northcentral USA.

Log Trailer Upgrades I few months ago, I finished work on modifying an old equipment trailer to load and transport logs.  In the time since I’ve used it a number of times and have come up with a few improvements to make things simpler and more convenient. 27 June, 2016 / 4 Comments

This Trailer has been SOLD, another new one will be available soon. Willing to Build to all customer specs. Battle Wagon Drop Deck Trailer. 42′ by 102″ Air Ride. Built on a 12″ drop to lower trailers center of gravity, and increase loading capacity height. All while still having 11R 22.5 14PR Firestone FS 560 tires. All 4x4x1/4″ Bolster stakes standing at 5 feet above deck allowing for a 93 3/4″ inside width capacity for log loading. All bolster stakes are removable and able to stored on frame of trailer to obtain at full 102″ width trailer. 30″ king pin on a 12′ neck, Heavy 5″x5″ dolly down landing gear. Bulk Head, Chain Box, All LED lights, push bumper, 3 straps per bunk to catch ALL forestry products needs. Call Battle Wagon Today 260-623-3322.

Sliding Bolster Log Trailers – This versatile style log trailer can be adjusted to haul multiple lengths of hardwood logs. A heavy duty square tubing headache rack is standard. We have engineered an easy to use, quick adjustment system for changing the spacing of the bolsters. Top quality workmanship and engineering, with the best price in the industry are sure to make this your next adjustable bolster trailer!

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